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Compound Asafoetida


Some few people in India have deep knowledge of hing for them hing means pieces of mass or a plastic container of powder available with their local grocer which is been used in their family from their ancestors, they even don't know what is the benefit and how, when and where hing is to be used. They also don't have knowledge of from where it comes wheater it is produced or manufactured, more than 40 per cent of people when told that hing which you get in market is a mixture of Wheat flour gum Arabic and pure hing they take it by surprise even though it is clearly mentioned on each and every containers of it that it contains 60 to 73% of wheat/rice flour nobody takes care to ready it.
The word Bandhani hing is derived from Gujarati language BANDHA - NI in which "BANDHA" stands for binding or mixing two or more thing and making a compound and "NI" stands just for "OF" OR "ED" pronouncing "BANDHA KI BANAYI HUI". In Hindi and Compounded Asafoetida in English.

Raw hing which is not grown anywhere in India (except in some Himalayan regions) is so intense that it cannot be consumed by common man in his day to day use, therefore its strength is to be equalized to edible level which can only be achieved by adding some edible substance which does not disturbs its original aroma and taste, hence use of edible starches (such as wheat flour, rice flours) were found suitable for making compound and to retain its aroma till long Gum arabic was also included as it acts both as binding and stabilizing agent.

Basically a Hing Manufacturer adds edible starches and edible gum to raw asafoetida and makes a compound of a product, specified on its label. A Bandha is been prepared so that use of hing in daily household chorus is made easy. Which otherwise if used in raw form is not palatable as it contains lot of impurities and also it is so intense that it cannot be eaten or used in product directly. Its powdered version can be used easily in or on any product by just sprinkling or seasoning, which spreads uniformly on whole product.

Government of India had laid some norms through PFA rules (1954) for minimum strength required for its edibility (5% alcoholic soluble extract) which can be obtained by using minimum of 10 to 12% of raw asafoetida (Hing). There is no upper limit as it is upon people's choice of how intense flavour or aroma they like for their use. However percentage of edible starch used is made mandatory to be mentioned on label by manufacturer but it doesn't shows percentage of Raw hing used, as percentage of edible gum used is not mentioned anywhere, making difficult for people to choose right product.

Indian kitchens are always full with varieties of spices and condiments and every Indian women weather working or housewives knows use of each and every spices and condiments. She knows when and how to use chillies, How much quantity of turmeric, salt, or black pepper should be used, and most importantly effects of its uses in their preparation, leaving behind few difficult one which are just added as they were been used by their elders and would either be increasing taste, flavour, or colour like Cummins, Mustard or Fenugreek seeds and ASAFOETIDA. In this article are highlighting on some features on uses of asafoetida, as said above we came across many ladies especially young one who are either using asafoetida because their elders were using in one or two particular products or don't know why or how to use Asafoetida/Hing in their food. Here we are explaining why and how to use Hing as a precious and important ingredient in day to day use.

In our family one of the well known sicknesses which keep us surrounded is related to stomach or we can say 90% of sickness starts from stomach, as our body always react to what and how we eat. Fast and easy life style has taken place, ahead of olden smooth and simple living standards. We are eating ready to eat packed food and instant foods instead of home made fresh foods, where precaution was taken to reduce risk of reactions or fatigues such as creation of Gases, acidity or heaviness after consuming food, by adding of condiments and spices like Hing.

MIRA Hing plays most important role in protecting and balancing our diet. MIRA Hing is an anti-septic, anti-inflammatory, anti-gastric and also has many other medicinal uses too. MIRA Hing should be used in all foods that create Gas or acidity which is the major reasons sought creating stomach and even respiratory troubles.

Many pulses such as urad dal, channa dal, tur dal, and vegetables like Potatoes, cauliflower etc and products made by using these items in our daily routine are believed to cause trouble of Gases and acidity. Just by Sprinkling or seasoning one or two pinch of MIRA Hing or say 1/2 spoon of MIRA Hing in food prepared for 2-3 persons can save us by this trouble. One brighter except of using MIRA hing is, that it will definitely increase taste and aroma of your finger licking food and would be appreciated by your whole family, and you would be rest assured about their health and fitness. So what are you waiting for just remember to add MIRA Brand Compou

nded Asafoetida to your list next time you visit your grocery shop or check with us for nearest grocery shopkeeper keeping our products BON - APPETITE